Building Phases of an LED Billboard Truck

LED billboard advertising is cost effective, has a high impact and can reach thousands of people with high retention.

Phase 1: Steel Box Construction

In phase one we start by constructing the steel box that gets it all started. During this time we add the hydraulic lifting system to the drivers side and test. The entire process takes about 12-15 days. Usually 1-3 fabricators working on it daily. When we’re finished with this phase it will look exactly like photo 4.

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Phase 2: Powder Coating and Aluminum Interior

During this phase we take the steel box into our White Powder Coating process. This is a short and relatively simple process that takes 3-5 days depending on how many other projects are ahead but rest assured this is where the whole process starts coming together. While we’re in this process we also install the aluminum interior and cooling vents. We use and recommend white only because dark colors attract too much heat.

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Phase 3: Screen Installation

During screen installation were working side by side connecting and wiring hundreds of P6 LED screens. Each LED is 6 inches squared. Thus the need for over 160 square connections per side billboard. The custom cooling fans, electrical grid, diesel generator, computer and audio system are also worked into this phase.  This process takes about a week to 10 days.

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Phase 4: Testing

During this phase we test each side for video quality and functionality. Basically we make sure everything works, from video to photos, all connections are right and there is 100%  ease of use.

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Phase 5: Assembly

During this phase we are lifting the LED box and placing it on the back of the Mercedes chassis. We use heavy duty clamps from the front of the cab to the back.  During this phase we will connect the diesel generator to the truck diesel tank and configure some of the wiring.  We again test during this phase. Total process takes 2-4 days.

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